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A 49 years after the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

A 49 years after the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy - November 22, 1963. By Daniel Loisi -
President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas and Vice President Lyndon Johnson took over the presidency. An event that shocked the world. Ag...
ain the Americans relive the crime of a president. The American people lived this tragedy with immense pain, this crime still has not forgotten.

The defendant's assassination was Lee Oswald: "Alleged murderer of President Kennedy" was also killed by Jack Ruby on November 24.

One of the worst decades of Americans, they also have to be ashamed of a lot. Already in the 50's came with a strange atmosphere brewing McCarthyism where many artists were persecuted. In fact after the war they who were the "saviors" of Europe fighting Hitler begin to do things that had nothing to do with democracy, people pursue, pursue ideas, denounce, expel the country's artists, emerges the dreaded Ku Klux Klan, which is the name they have adopted several far-right organizations in the United States, created in the nineteenth century, with those awful white hoods blacks from taking their homes and killing them, killing them to death or hanged to While shown in the Alan Parker film "Mississippi burning" with Gene Hackman and William Dafoe. It installs the cold war, racial hatred again there is a terrible, entrenched in the political mafia. In this climate, John Fitzgerald Kennedy dies and this continues until the end of 60, occurs also the death of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Already in the 70's the situation calms down but sometimes I wonder if this had happened in Argentina: What would have said about us? Treatment which would have been to our country? Many countries would have to shut up when talking about Argentina, have been an example of anything, consider this fact, this crime Kennedy, think of Franco, Mussolini think, think Hitler would have to apologize to the world by those names and things that are still doing.

Kennedy was 46 years old at the time of the attack, undoubtedly endowed with personal charisma, was considered the best hope of American politics attractive despite having dark spots on his life and his mandate.

A graduate of the Harvard University, spoke at War as a volunteer for the Navy, where he suffered a serious injury to the spine, it would form its indomitable character. Once the war started in politics and in 1960 he became a candidate for the presidency by the Democratic Party, winning election to be the youngest man to reach the White House. Married Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953. He died in the bombing in Dallas when he was still expecting more of their energy, intelligence and combativeness.

The film directly or indirectly reflected this fact: "The murder of an American president" in 1973 directed by David Miller with Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan.

J.F.K. 1992 with the direction of Oliver Stone starring Kevin Kostner, Donald Sutherland, Jack Lemmon and others. There are scenes and images of harsh attack with three shots from different places. Or the news of Kennedy's death in a newspaper of a town when there was dead. Or entering the operating room of strangers when the President was agonizing. The film shows how confused and suspicious that it was everything and clearly speaks of a conspiracy.

Another film would be "I like Icarus" by Henri Verneuil with Ives Montand clearly making reference to the Kennedy assassination and the investigation that makes the character played by Montand mixing it with the legend "I Like Icarus that bird ".... flew so high that wanted to know everything, I wanted to be at the top, reached as high as the sun burned his wings and fell dead ", all while listening to Ives Montand murder across a parallel between the researcher and the legend. This film is excellent and 1979.

I personally remember my parents very impressed with the murder, the images on the news and pictures of the day, our generation grew up with this burden on the backs and always believing that Kennedy was a good man, no question this is the reason in this note but report the facts and your feelings, insist that Kennedy had dark spots on his life and his command, consider the strange death of Marilyn, tied him and his brother or some contradictions in his ideas despite having successes in his government. Anyway it was one of the great men of the twentieth century and today

still moves his murder.

One of the most moving events of the twentieth century ...... the murder of a President.

By Daniel Loisi

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